71% of executives believe that AI is important tool to make their company more competitive, but only 11% of organizations are generating real financial results from AI. 

Impactive AI provides a strategy for creating tangible impact with AI.
We are different from other IT system companies.
With PhD partners, including machine learning experts and data scientists, Impactive AI proposes more realistic and effective solutions based on a deep understanding of AI.

We have the know-how and expertise to develop sophisticated predictive models and use them to advance the business.

We are different from other AI companies.
Organizations comprised of engineers tend to focus solely on technical implementation. Impactive AI is an organization with both technical skills and business acumen. While technology implementation is the foundation, we provide effective strategies and solutions to design and create concrete market value. 
A clear sense of purpose to create value
Create "market value" by solving company's problemsCreate social value by solving problems in global society
Maximize efficiency and productivity of clients through machine learning modelsRegular non-profit projects to create social value
Maximize customer profitability by developing new AI products and BMs independently Community of people who want to make the good impact of technology

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Impactive AI

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